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April 13, 2018

Neck CARs

Quadruped Scap CARs

Quadruped Shoulder Rotation

SA Swimmer w/ Lacrosse Ball

Hanging Shrug Holds

Band Pull aparts

PVC Scap Depression PAILs


1/2k Hip CARs

Couch Stretch

Frog Rock

Miniband SLGB

Miniband Side Plank Clam Shells

Star Touches

Roll Feet

Toe Isolations

February 17, 2018

Neck CARs



Prone Swimmer Hovers

1/2K thoracic CARs

Quad Thoracic Rotations

Trap Smash W/ Ball

Teres Minor Smash w/ ball

Wall Slides

1/2k  Hip CARs

Bear Sit Hip Internal PAILs/RAILs

Cossak Squats

Miniband SLGB

Miniband Deadbugs

Palm on Wall Squat Hold

Plate Behind the Neck Wall Facing Squats

February 3, 2018

Neck CARs

Overhead Scap CARs 

Side Plank Shoulder CARs

PVC Behind the Neck Pull Downs

Sleeper Stretch

 Lateral Leg Lowers

Foam Roller STanding Thoracic Rotations

1/2 k  Hip CARs

90/90 to butterfly

Straddle Forward Folds w/ plate

Frog Pails & Rails

Seated Straight Leg Hover

Roll feet

Ankle PAILs/RAILs w/ weight

1/2k Ankle Flexion on Wall

Airborn Lunges OR Airborn Lunges to Pistol

December 11, 2017



5 CS OH Squats

5 Candlestick rolls

5e prone IYT’s

10 Foam Roller Back Extensions


5x4 Snatch balance @ up to 75% of snatch

4x8 Double DB SLRDL/leg

4x8 Weighted Back Extensions



8 each 1/2K Lateral Medball Slams

10 Lateral Jumps over Platform

12 Battle rope Slams

November 5, 2017

(test overhead squat)

Roll out feet on ball

Toe isolations (big toe up & down, other toes up & down)

3 part ankle flexion against wall

Low pistol hold on rack

(retest OHS)

standing hip CARS

Frog Rock

Roll Glutes on roller

Roll Quad

Couch Stretch

(retest overhead squat)

Back Extension over roller


Quad thoracic rotation

Air Guitar's

Prone IYT's

(retest overhead squat)

roll Peck


hanging shrugs

hanging twists

Wrist stretches

(retest overhead squat)

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