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October 26, 2019


Slow Spinal Roll Downs

Down Dog Leg Lifts

Supine & Prone Scorpions

Scap CARs

Shoulder CARs

Pec Slides

Kneeling Lat Reaches

90/90 Series

Jane Fonda Series

SLDL w/ Band Row

Xband Walks

Wall Facing OHS

October 19, 2019

Inchworm to standing arches

Standing Side Bends

Air Guitars

Supine Scorpions

Supine Hip CARS

Supine Knee CARs

Closed Angle SLGB

Quad Lateral Leg Hovers

Prone IYTW's

Prone Cuban Presses

Wall Slides

Wall Facing Banded Protraction Slides

Quad Wrist Circles

1/2k Windmills

Lunge Matrix

SLDL to Knee hug

October 11, 2019

Segmented Cat/Cows

Neck CARs

Standing Thoracic CARs

1/2k Scap & Shoulder CARs

Scap Push Ups

Supine Floor Slides

Prone Lyring Thoracic Extensions

Plank w/ diagonal limb reaches

Hip CARs

Hamstring PAILs/RAILs on rack

Couch Stretch

Star Touches

Squat Walk Downs

Candlestick Rolls ( maybe SL)

September 27, 2019

neck CARs w/ plantar flexion

Soft Roll

Scap Cars in Plank

1/2k Swimmer Hovers

Hanging Series

Wall Slides

Hip CARs

90/90 Series

Seated Leg Lifts

Reaching SLDL

Airborn Lunges

Arch Lifts

Toe Isolations

September 14, 2019

Neck CARs

Scap CARs

Shoulder CARs


Swimmer Hovers

Prone Cuban Presses

Prone Back Extensions

Plank or Quad Hip CARs

Side Lying Hip Series

Star Touches

Squat w/ toe touch

2 position Squat w/ Plate

August 23, 2019


Air Guitars

Thread the needle

Iso Scapulas Stetch in rack

Scap Push Ups

Standing Wall Slides

Quad Hip CARs

90/90 ** IR

DB Half Kneeling Windmill

Quad Lateral Leg Raises

Candlestick to Straddle

1/2k Hamstring PAILs/RAILs

1/2k Quad PAILs/RAILs

Closed Angle SLGB + Holds

Ankle Stretch on wall

Airborne Lunges

August 10, 2019

Neck CARs

Slow Spinal Roll Downs

Thread the needle


Down Dog w/ 2 twists

Hip CARs

Cossack Squat w/ Rotation

PVC Prone Pull Downs

PVC Cuban Presses

PVC Hip Hinge

Elevated Ankle PAILs/RAILs

Supine Abdominal Bracing

Slow Squat Patterns w/ counterbalance

PVC OHS Against Racks

August 2, 2019

Slow Spinal Roll Downs


SL Lateral Leg Lowers

Scap CARs

Elbow Elevated thoracic Extension

Foam Roller Back Extensions

Protracted Wall Facing Slides


Cossack Squats

1/2k Windmills

Straddle Windmills

Heel Elevated Glute bridge Holds w/ breathing

Side Plank Clam Shells

Band Resisted Split Squats & SLDL's

July 26, 2019

Neck CARs

1/2k Thoracic CARs

Air guitars

Scapulas Push Ups


Prone Shoulder ER Hovers

Sleeper Stretch

Supine Cuban Presses

Seated Wall OH Raises

Hanging Series

Down Dog Push backs on wall

90/90 transitions w/ IR PAILs/RAILs

Plow to straddle

Wall Facing OHS

July 19, 2019

Slow Spinal Roll Downs


Air Guitars

Plow Leg Lifts

Down Dog Lunges w/ twists

Scapular Push Ups

Bear Crawl Shoulder Taps

Swimmer Hovers

Standing Hip Cars

Side-lying hip series

Closed angle SLGB

Multi directional SLDL


Supine Bracing

Wall Facing OHS w/ Plate

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