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December 10, 2019

Starter 10min 3 RFT

Gorilla Rowx(6)

KB Swing x10

Pushup x6

Staggered Stance DL x(6)

Main Course 20min

Pause Static stomp Deadlift

4x5 3secs each position

Finisher 10min

4min Max Meter Row

1min Max Hang

2min Max Cal Bike

1min Max Hang

December 9, 2019

Starter 10min

Pullover and Pullup Skills

Main Course 20min

Front racked Barbell Split squat 4x(8)

Finisher 10min 12-10-8-6

Barbell Thrusters


Cal Bike

Hollow Body Rock

December 8, 2019

Starter 10min

KB/DB Split Squats 3x(8)

Banded Anti Rotation Press 3x12 (each side)

Paralette Dips 3x8

Main Course 20min

Pause Back Squat

3x5 3s hold

Finisher 12min Partner AMRAP

KB Complex 8/4/8/4/8

Partner 1 SA Swing x8/Clean x4/Back Lunge x8/Press x4/Squat x8

Partner 2 Row Max cal

December 5, 2019

Starter 10min

3 Rounds

Low plank to side plank rotations x12

SL hip thrusts R x10

SL hip thrusts L x10

Main Course 20min

Barbell Hip Thrusts 3x8

Deficit Deadlifts 3x5

Finisher 10min


Pushup into Jumping Pullup x5

Heavy DB Thruster x5

Gym floor Sprint x5

Plank Shoulder Tap x10

December 4, 2019


Lunge & Balance x(8)

Paralette Plank into Knee Tuck x8

Narrow Squats w/ counterbalance x8

Weighted Beast Hold 30s

Main Course 20min

Front racked Reverse Lunges 3x(8)

RDL into Barbell Row 3x6



DB Windmill

DB Press

Cal Assault Bike

December 3, 2019

Starter 10min 

BW&PVC Pipe Lat&T-Spine Mobility

KB Turkish Get Down w Press

KB Snatch & Clean Skills

Main Course 20 min

Heavy Racked hold 3x20s

Front Squats 3x8


9min EMOM

1. Arms Only Bike 60s

2. Legs Only Bike 60s

3. Hanging Leg Raise 30s/10 reps

December 2, 2019

Starter 10min

Rope Climb 3x2

Hollow Body Rock 3x15

Hamstring Bridge Marches 3x30

Main Course 20min

SA DB Bench Press 3x(8)

DB Box Step Ups 3x(10)

Anti Rotation Hold 3x(30s)

10min AMRAP

Wall Ball x10 (14/20)

Row 400/500m

Pullup x3/5

December 1, 2019


Arm Bar Press 3x(2)

Suitcase RDL 3x8

Hanging Arch To Hollow Swing 3x8

Main Course 20min

4-2-1 Tempo Bench Press 3x5

Banded Bench Press 3x5



RFE Split Squats x(8)

Medball Rollouts x12

Split Squat Jumps x(8)

Medball Ground to OH x12

November 26, 2019

Starter 10min


30s bike

8 Heavy KB Deadlift

30s Weighted Low Plank

8 Heavy KB Swing

Main Course 20min

Deadlift 5x2 + 2 warmup sets


Dessert 10min

4min Max Meter Row

1min Max Pullups

2min Max Cal Bike

1min Max Pullups

November 25, 2019

Starter 10min

TGU 2x(3) (Adv option: Press in 1/2k & standing)

DB Weighted Glute Bridge 2x12

Hanging Arch to Hollow Swings 2x6

Main Course 20min

Bench Press 5x2 + 2 warmup sets


Dessert 10min


Row 750m

(6) Split Squats

6 Kipping Pullups

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