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3/30/17 Rope Climb Technique

March 30, 2017



Mountain Climber x50
Squat  x10
Forward Lunge & Twist x10
Push-Up x10
Mountain Climber x50
Squat Jump x 10
Reverse Lunge x10
Push-Up x10
Burpee x10



Hanging Knee Tucks (4x 10)


MB Feet to Hand Tosses (4x10)

Start with MB in feet. Jump and bring feet up fast, release the ball and catch in feet.


Rope Inverted Row (4x 12)




Rope Climb (6x 1) (Advanced can do legless)

Frog Push-Up (5x 12) (Between Rope Climbs)



Metcon (Time)

Accumulate 3 minutes of a bar or ring hang. Every time you break you have 10 pistols and 5 burpees
12 minute cap


Extra core if time permits
3 Rounds
30 Bicycles
10e 1-Leg Glute Bridges
20 Toe Reaches

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