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6/10/17 Wk3 D6

June 9, 2017

WU - Coach Led 0:00-10:00

1200M Jog

(Amsterdam to Columbus and back x 2)


"Generator #1" 10:00-40:00

400 M Run

3min Clock x8 (your 4oom pace is under 1:45, If so,

you have 2:00 to complete or set does not count


4min Clock x6 (your 400m pace is over 1:45. You will 

need to finish in under 2:45 for your set to count.

(choose a fast pace that you can maintain)


Rest 6:00


"Generator #2"  3 Athletes 40:00-55:00

150 OH BB Reverse Lunges @ 25% BSQ/50% BW

while one Athlete in HandStand Hold,(modification is

bar hang. If the handstand hold or bar hang breaks

the lunges come to a pause)

(you will use the avg. weight between Athletes)


300 Double Unders/150 S*S*D/450 Singles

while one Athlete in Wall Sit (if the wall sit breaks the DU 

have to come to a stop.


Cap 15







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