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6/11/17 WK3 D7 "How To Handstand Push-up"

June 10, 2017

WU - Coach Led 0:00-10:00


Handstand Push-Up Positioning 10:00-25:00

4x2 Handstand Pickup (finding a comfortable hand placement 

and learning to drive with the core and legs)


Handstand Hold 

3x:30 (use the same hand position as above and make

sure your eyes and head are looking up towards opposite ceiling)


Strict Handstand Push-ups

3x7 (use an Ab-mat and black/blue mats if necessary to give you

a range of motion where you can complete 7 good reps, even if you are only

moving 2", you are moving.


Practice 25:00-40:00


3 Strict HSPU


Met-Con 40:00-55:00

3 Rounds

300 Single Unders

12 Push-ups w/feet on MB (toes pointed into ball)

15 Knees to Elbow

18 KB/DB RDL 40%BW

Cap 15


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