7/15/17 Day 1 "How to Snatch"

July 15, 2017

Snatch Videos 0:00-10:00 





WU 10:00-20:00

1x15  Dowel Pullover (inching hands closer until point of slight restriction)

400M Run (4th pole past parking lot)

1x8ea Dowel Wrap-around

200M Run (2nd Fire hydrant)

2x8 Practice Hip Hinge "Power Position"


Learn hand placement on Snatch and importance 

of hook grip                          


PRACTICE 20:00-1:30:00

1. 2x5 Snatch Power Position Taps 

(Learn where the Dowel/Barbell makes contact on the hips)


2. 2x8 High Pull

(Learn how to shrug and pull with elbows high)


3. 2x8 High Pull Turnover

(standing at the top of the High Pull position, turn dowel over and

jump down and receive dowel)


4. 2x8 Overhead Squat

(achieving an upright position with full depth at

bottom and dowel over mid line of body)


5. 2x8 Snatch Balance

(working on quick feet under and a punch-out with the arms)


4. 3x2 Above Knee Power Snatch

(putting all the movements together)


5. 3x2 Mid-Shin Power Snatch

(Learn how to Rise to Power position as knees pull back)


6. Repeat 1-5 with a technique bar or barbell (if mobility allows

use standard barbell)


7. 3x2 Snatch from Hip

(learn to be explosive under the bar from hip, while 

locking arms out)





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