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8/12/17 C2607 "Muscle Up Practice"

August 12, 2017

WU - Coach Led 0:00-10:00


PRACTICE 10:00-20:00

3 Rounds x :30 each

1. Hip to Ring Swing 

2. Hollow to Superman 

3. Muscle Up Transition Drill 

(On low rings, work on the transition of keeping the rings close from

being under the rings to above them in a deep dip position.)

R:60 after each round



4 Rounds x:40 each

Banded Push-Up 

Parallette Shoot Throughs 

Ring Dip Hold @bottom


R:6o after each round



GENERATOR 40:00-55:00

E3MOM x 4
24/17 Calorie Row1

14 OH MB Squats 8-30lbs
7 MB OH Side Slams  per side 8-14lbs

(second heat starts at 1;30clock)

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