8/18/17 New You Challenge W5 D3

August 18, 2017


WU - 0:00-15:00

Run 2400M (to the corner of Columbus and back to corner of Amsterdam 

is 600m - 4x)


Dowel Warm-up for OH Squat (coaches choice)  15:00-20:00


PRACTICE 20:00-30:00

E90sec x 6 rounds 
8 OHSQ (increase weight if form is solid)

Jumping Pull-up Technique and set-up 30:00-40:00

GENERATOR 40:00-55:00

"EAGLE" (Partner) 20 min cap
5x Farmer Carry 55/35lb KB/DB 50' (length of room and back)
50 Jumping Pull-ups
50 Plate OH Raises 10/5 kg
5x Walking Lunges 50'


(the reps are split up however the partners want)

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