10/8/17 "Toes To Bar Technique"

October 8, 2017

WU - Coach Led 0;00-10:00


PRACTICE 10:00-30:00

3 Rounds

3x8 Knees To Elbows (make sure to get full range of motion)

3x6 Kip Swings


3x8 T2B (same as K2E, just lean away from the bar)


 GENERATOR 30:00-55:00

EMOM 16 

8 DB Box Step-ups @10% FSQ (per side and box should be at knee height)

8 Parallette Dips + Shoot through + Push-up

8 MB GHD Sit-ups w/Chest Pass 6-12lbs (slam MB against wall when coming up)

8 MB Lateral Slams (per side)6-20lbs (stand under pull-up bar and slam so the ball comes back to you)


Any remaining time MOBILIZE/STRETCH



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