12/3/17 "Clean & Jerk Technique"

December 2, 2017

WU - Coach Led 0:00-10:00

10 Reps

Neck Stretch L/R.F/B(2/10 on each side)
Wrist Circles
Elbow Circles

Seal Swings

Arm Circles
Over and Back

Trunk Rotations 

Hip Circles
Ankle Circles

PRACTICE 15:00-55:00



Receiving the Barbell in the power position (The leg should be on Toes) 5:00


Power Clean Technique 15:00

Power Cleans from hip
Power Cleans from hang (mid thigh)

Power Cleans from below the Knee then complete the movement with Squat Cleans

Full Cleans (from floor)
**work on segmented pulls from the floor, hang and power to drill bar path**


Jerk Technique 15:00
Jerk Drives (smooth, short dip, driving the bar up until it disconnects from the body)
Push Press
Push Jerks
Tall Jerks (driving the front foot forward, fast lock-out)
Jerk Balance (building stability and balance in back leg)

Split Jerks


Clean & Jerk Technique 25:00

Full Clean & Jerk (add weight)
Watch weightlifting videos
Gain new weightlifting appreciation.....and super powers




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