2/6/18 New You Challenge Week4 D1

February 6, 2018


WU - Coach Led 0:00-10:00

GENERATOR 10:00-35:00

45 sec work/15 sec rest (3 Rounds)
1. DB Forward Lunges (choose your weight, no stopping)
2. Hip Bridge (off box, only heels making contact)
3. Wall Walk + hold (remainder of time)
4. Ring Rows
5. Hanging Knee Raises
6. Band Pull-apart


BATTLE 40:00-55:00

For Time: (Teams of 2-3)


"Pay Day"

1000M Row (one partner must be in a plank, one resting, one rowing)

50 DB Thrusters (choose your weight)

40 Burpees

30 Sit-ups (each)

1000M Row (all partners must be in a plank, one rowing)

(all reps can be split except for sit-ups and can be done at the

same time except for rowing)

CAP 14

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