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4/14/18 "Ropes and Running"

April 13, 2018

WARM UP Coach Lead 


STABILIZER 10:00-25:00

45/:15x4 (16min)

TRX army crawl

KB windmill

Scap Push Ups

Wall Sit w/ Band Pull Apart


SKILL 25:00-35:00

10min Tecnhique:

Rope Climb Foot Placement Drill (on box)

Hold, Set Feet

Hold, Set Feet, Move Hands Up, Knees to Chest, Repeat

EMOM4 1 Rope Climb/Rope Climb Attempt (adv: 1 Legless Rope Climb)


METCON 35:00-55:00

5RFT Cap 18

1 rope climb/rope attempt OR 4 straight leg rope get ups

400m Run

30 Air squats

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