Started from the Bottom...

March 20, 2019

Warmup 0-10


Stabilizer 10-20

:20 on/ :10 off x4 

Bottom of Pushup Hold (drive heels back)

SLDL w band pull from fence

Side Plank 



Strength 20-35


SA DB OH (or Racked) Lunges

Paralette Kick Throughs w L Sit Hold

Slow Box Step Ups (4:1:4)

Contralateral SLDL



Metcon 35-50

12min AMRAP Follow the Leader (Partner A must complete 400m Run before Partner B and C can move on. Score Team rounds.

400m Run

Jumping Rope climbs focused on foot hold technique

Bulgarian Split Squat Jumps



Cooldown 50-55

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