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Pure Strength: Push & Pull

July 28, 2019


3min Pullup Station:

L-Sit Banded Lat Pulldown x10

Hanging Hollow Body 15s

Find Pullup Max (Or Use light band to get to 3)

Repeat sequence 3-5x decreasing pullup reps by 1-2 each round.


3min Squat Prep Station: AMRAP

MB OH Wall facing Squat x10

Airborne Lunge x5 e/ side

PVC Pipe Wedge Squats x10

Weighted Low Plank x20s



Main Course 20min

Back Squat 4x5 with 2-3 Warmup Sets



Dessert 3 2min AMRAPs

KB Swing x10

Goblet Push Press x5


DB Snatch x10

Jump Rope x40


Bike 10cal

Pushup x10

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